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Why The Top Gun: Maverick VFX Team Changed The Color Of Jennifer Connelly's Pants
It is believed that you can get away with a lot in a movie, especially during editing, if you have properly invested your audience in the characters, their relationships, and their obstacles. "Top Gun: Maverick" has a scene that is an example of this and it all comes down to a pair of pants worn by Jennifer Connelly.
Speaking about Maverick and Penny's relationship in the movie, "Top Gun: Maverick" editor Eddie Hamilton revealed that "The scene where he rides with Penny on the motorbike after the beach football scene, that originally was situated after the sailing scene. But it was too early for them to have that kind of relationship, resting her head on his shoulder."
So while Connelly was actually wearing the clothes from the sailing scene during the motorbike ride, the VFX team "changed her white pants blue to make them look like jeans in visual effects," to create a substantial break between the two scenes. However, her navy blue sweater is still there for you to see, even though she is wearing an olive shirt in the next shot.