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Why The Original Ending To Rocky Had To Be Completely Reshot
1976’s "Rocky" sports a feel-good finale with an uplifting score. Even though it is difficult to imagine it ending any other way, director John G. Avildsen and Sylvester Stallone, who wrote and starred in the film, had a completely different idea for its original conclusion — one that might have sabotaged the sweet-natured film and cost it the Oscar for Best Picture.
Despite losing the boxing match against Apollo Creed, Rocky was still victorious as he was able to go the distance against the champ. The film ends in his embrace with Adrian after the two profess their love for each other; however, the original cut showed the couple walking hand in hand to the parking lot after the crowd carried Apollo out of the ring, chanting his name.
Having Rocky and Adrian walk alone out of the empty arena has an almost resentful, us-versus-the-world feel that seems at odds with the boxer's journey and status as a hometown hero. As a result, the optimistic and touching nature of this beloved film could have been undermined, and it might not have become the powerhouse of a franchise it is today.