American actor Michael Keaton on the set of Batman, directed by Tim Burton.
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Why The Flash Bringing Back Michael Keaton's Batman Has Us Very Worried
Michael Keaton was always a controversial choice for the role of the Caped Crusader in Tim Burton’s "Batman," and his casting initially caused an uproar among fans. The controversy had Burton fighting for his leading man, and while it may have seemed like the filmmaker was just sticking up for his pal, there was more to it.
Shared vision
What outraged fans hadn't realized was that Keaton had a clear vision of who Bruce Wayne was and how to play him — and it matched Burton's perspective. With everyone aligned to present a dark take on Batman, the film was shaping up to be a rare instance of a singular artistic vision manifesting through a collective effort.
Keaton's legacy
Including Keaton's Batman in "The Flash" taps into a legacy that the filmmakers may not be fully prepared to continue. Given a cramped cast like Ben Affleck's Batman and a complex narrative that involves resetting the multiverse, "The Flash" might not be able to do justice to Burton and Keaton's artistic vision for the Caped Crusader.
Digital Dark Knights
Fans may wonder if "The Flash" is just riding on the modern trend of reviving beloved characters to leverage their popularity. Usually, the digital double created to reboot these characters lack cultural impact and artistic meaning, as was suggested when an obvious CG version of Keaton's Batman springs into action during the film's trailer.
GOTHAM and Batman
Keaton's Batman was somewhat defined by the production design of Gotham, which created a symbiotic relationship between the city and the character and made Batman more believable. However, it remains to be seen how this will fit into the world of "The Flash," which may prioritize fan expectations over artistic ambitions.