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Why The Boys Season 3 Changed Queen Maeve's Fate From The Comics
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of "The Boys."
Anyone who’s watched “The Boys” knows that beneath all the crass humor and irreverent superhero satire that makes up its cynical exterior — the show has a heart of gold. The show proved this once again with their reasoning behind changing Queen Maeve’s fate in Season 3 from what was depicted in the comics.
In the comics, Queen Maeve is decapitated by Homelander. As showrunner Eric Kripke explained, "At no point did I ever consider killing Maeve [...]. We were intentionally building to a happy ending for her, always, for a lot of reasons. One, she deserved it. Believe it or not, 'The Boys' is a moral universe, and when you make the right choices, you get rewarded, and she deserved a happy ending with Elena."
Kipke also wanted to circumvent the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope, whereby an “expendable” LGBT character is offed in lieu of a straight character. This is something Kripke and the writers' room consciously sought to avoid, as he explained: "I am not going to fall into the trope of killing off gay characters. I'm aware of it, [and] I agree with the criticism of it. I'm not going to do that as well.”