Why Supernatural Season 1 Is So Much Better On DVD Than Streaming
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"Supernatural" fans may end up regretting tossing out their DVD collections because watching Season 1 is an experience better had with the now antiquated media format. It turns out DVDs are the only way to watch Season 1 as it was intended to be seen: with the original music.
Pretty much all of the music on Netflix and Amazon has been replaced for Season 1, certainly all of the tracks you know and love, and it just doesn’t hit the same. Since music has been part of the DNA of "Supernatural" from its inception and vital to creator Eric Kripke’s storytelling, it’s best to watch Season 1 without the newly licensed music.
The changes were made because, in 2005, no one was really considering things like streaming, so the production company only secured music rights for the DVDs and television broadcasting. However, you’ll only need to shell out the money to purchase the first season on DVD as all the original soundtracks for Seasons 2 - 15 stayed intact on the streaming services.