Why Star Trek: Enterprise's John Billingsley Shot Down An Offer For Strange New Worlds
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Since “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” takes place before the original series, characters like Spock show up, albeit played by different actors. Even characters from “Star Trek: Enterprise” could show up if they have a lifespan longer than the hundred-year gap between the two series, which would be the case for John Billingsley’s character, Dr. Phlox.
However, when “Strange New Worlds” reached out to Billingsley, it wasn’t for Dr. Phlox. The actor says, “I was asked to audition for a small supporting part on Strange New Worlds. And I said to my agent ‘Could you just let them know that I was on Star Trek?’ I turned it down.”
He believes the disconnect from “Enterprise” and unwillingness to resurrect any of the characters comes from viewers believing the show “briefly crippled the franchise.” He says, if asked, he would absolutely love to come back to voice Phlox, but wouldn’t want to do the two hours of makeup again. He prefers his current projects, like the charity he runs, and seems okay leaving “Star Trek” behind.