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Why Slasher Sequel Terrifier 2 Has Such A Long Runtime
Envisioned as "the last 15 minutes of most slashers," Damien Leone's deranged clown horror "Terrifier" has been a cult hit since its 2016 release; its sequel is surprising audiences not with its violence, but with its length. "Terrifier 2" comes in at a 138-minute runtime, a wild number for the buckets-of-blood type of story being told.
/Film's Ryan Scott got a chance to sit with writer-director Damien Leone at Austin's genre destination festival Fantastic Fest, where Leone explained how his sequel ended up running nearly two and a half hours long. Leone said, "It was totally organic. It was just the story that I wrote and I didn't realize how long it was going to be until I got in the editing room."
Leone continued, "I said, 'Oh boy, this is sort of unprecedented.' But again, it was my story that I loved; everything I wanted to do with these characters and having them more fleshed out and tell this more traditional narrative. Plus, we had these really sort of unorthodox sequences in the movie that kind of set it apart from other traditional slashers."