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Why Season 5 Is The Most Impressive Season Of Community
Hickey & Duncan
With Troy and Pierce leaving the series, “Community” needed to fill their place in the group. Buzz Hickey (Jonathan Banks) and Professor Duncan (John Oliver) had memorable qualities and were introduced ahead of the departures, helping the audience with a transition that could have been far more jarring.
Britta’s best season
Throughout the show, Britta has changed from the intelligent, cool character in Season 1 into a dumb loser who everyone seemed to hate by Season 6. However, Britta has some standout moments in Season 5, such as in “Geothermal Escapism,” where her concerns for Abed are taken seriously, and Britta becomes a competent character once again.
special episodes
The special episodes of “Community” are a fun and exciting way for the show to examine the characters and their situations more thoughtfully. “G.I. Jeff,” “Geothermal Escapism,” and the Ass Crack Bandit episode all take a more in-depth look into the characters, their relationships with others, and coping with a friend’s departure.
Impressive episodes
"Repilot" and "Introduction to Teaching" are two of the strongest opening episodes of nearly any season of the show. Even if you think the second half of the season suffers from a lack of Troy, the first half of the season is impressively consistent in its high quality.
Keeping the same energy
While even Harmon considers Donald Glover’s departure to be the “death of the show,” Season 5 fights valiantly to prove that it can survive without Troy. The show experiments with new character dynamics that genuinely work and bring back old, seemingly forgotten pairings to show that “Community” still had plenty of life left.