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Why Sam Raimi Wanted Venom to Stay Out of the Movies
Many people, even director Sam Raimi, deem “Spider-Man 3” to be the weakest of the trilogy, and one reason is the number of underdeveloped villains particularly Venom, who really needed his own movie. Raimi has voiced his dislike of Venom due to his “lack of humanity,” but was forced to include him by the president of Marvel Studios at the time, Avi Arad.
In a 2007 interview, Raimi said that he had completed the script for the third movie when Arad pushed that he needed to add Venom. Arad said, “You've made two movies now with your favorite villains, and now you're about to make another one with your favorite villains [...] All Spider-Man readers love Venom, and even though you came from '70s Spiderman, this is what the kids are thinking about.”
It was only then that Raimi decided to learn more about Venom, but the lack of affection he had for the character was obvious in the film as his story was weak and underdeveloped. In his defense, Raimi said that he thought extending Venom’s screen time would be unfair to Spider-Man fans and that he tried his best to “[...] deliver Venom in the most complete way that I understand the fans might want him.”