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Why Rosemary's Fate In The Sandman Netflix Series Was Different From The Comics
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"The Sandman" Season 1, Episode 4.
The Netflix adaptation of "The Sandman" made some pretty interesting changes from the comics it was inspired by. Among the biggest changes is John Dee whose comic depiction is a madman who only wants others to suffer, while the show's version portrays him more naively, using the same methods of control and manipulation in order to try and make the world a better place.
Because of this change, the fate of another character related to John has also changed in the series – Rosemary, the one who picks John up after he escapes from the hospital in both mediums. In the comics, she is shot dead by John after she is taken hostage and forced to drive him out of the city, but in the series, she is given his amulet of protection and set free.
On the Tumblr blog that series creator Neil Gaiman runs to answer questions about his work, he was asked why he decided to give Rosemary a happier ending. He answered, "I wanted the people who knew the comics really well to realize that perhaps they didn't always know what would happen next."