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Why Quentin Tarantino Cut Tim Roth's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Scenes
Despite the lengthy runtime of 161 minutes for “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” a lot of footage still ended up on the cutting room floor. In fact, longtime Quentin Tarantino collaborator Tim Roth, who played the British butler to Jay Sebring in the film, was edited out, but Tarantino had to cut Roth’s scenes for an understandable reason — and the director did so with class.
Roth explained, “What happened was that he called me to play this character, which was a strand in the film, and then he cut that strand out completely. He cut that whole storyline out because when he put his first cut together, it came in at four and a half hours or five hours long. And he didn't want to do a part one and two.”
Tarantino still showed Roth the fruits of his labor. Roth added, “He [...] said, 'I want to show you the scenes that you were in that I'm having to remove.' And he sat, and he screened them for me. And then he screened the film for me [...] It was very, very sweet of him to do that. But then he put in the credits, 'Tim Roth (Cut).' Which is so his sense of humor. My sons, they love that.”