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Why Prey Is Going Straight To Streaming
Despite the hype around its world premiere at San Diego Comic-Con, “Prey” will be directly released to Hulu in August, instead of getting a theatrical release. Even though director Dan Trachtenberg intended it to be released in theatres, he thinks viewers can make the most of the film from the comfort of their living room.
Apparently, the reason behind “Prey” going directly to streaming has to do with internal studio politics and to prove that streaming has blockbuster potential. Trachtenberg says that Disney wanted to use his film to prove that Hulu “is also a great place to have giant cinematic experiences,” and is not just a platform for small-scale, lower-budget productions.
However, fans of the “Predator” franchise suspect that this decision has something to do with the poor critical reception and disappointing box office performance of 2018’s "The Predator." The film only brought in $51 million domestically against a budget of $88 million, so sending “Prey” directly to streaming could be a way to completely let the franchise go to the wayside.