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Why Netflix's Resident Evil Flopped
Before you can approach “Resident Evil’s” dense web of mythology, pulp science, and splatter-filled horror-action set pieces, you have to untangle it from all that came before it. Unfortunately, many fans believe it once again needs a clean slate, after the Netflix series flopped with both critics and audiences alike.
Netflix didn’t put much into advertising, other than hidden trailers on a very obtuse “The Umbrella Corporation” website in mid-June, right before “The Gray Man” premiered and overshadowed the release. Paired with the grip of the Paul W.S. Anderson movies starring Milla Jovovich, the series never seemed destined to succeed.
Netflix's “Resident Evil” series doesn't draw from the “Biohazard” or “Village” stories in the saga, but instead relies on the Wesker family, leaving many other stories yet to be explored. Whether the blame lies with the pandemic, the ever-changing zombie genre, or the lackluster writing for this show, “Resident Evil” is simply un-bingeable.