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Why Harrison Ford Has No Interest In Directing His Own Films
Directors are in a never ending battle against time, resources, and studio notes. They also have to navigate multiple departments to bring a film to life and contend with the big personalities of actors. Despite his proven instincts for knowing a good film when he sees it, Harrison Ford has never directed a film because he doesn’t think it’s worth it.
In 2010, Ford answered a burning fan question mailed to Time Magazine asking if he would direct his own film. He replied, “No. It's the hardest job in the world. It takes too long and doesn't pay well enough. After he directed his first movie, Bob Hoskins said it was 'Like being pecked to death by penguins.' [...] I love to work with a director. That's the fun part.”
Ford has worked with some of the most incredible directors in film history, so unless he had the compulsion to create a film through his vision, there's no real reason for him to ever pursue directing. He has starred in multiple blockbuster franchises, and the last thing he needs is to feel the proverbial sensation of being pecked to death by penguins.