Freddie Stroma (Photo by Andrew H Walker/Variety/Penske Media via Getty Images)
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Why Does the Actor Who Plays Vigilante On Peacemaker Look Familiar?
Meet Freddie Stroma
In "Peacemaker," the character of Vigilante, aka Adrian Chase, is played by Freddie Stroma. Though Stroma is playing your average American busboy turned ruthless killer, he's actually British, and his breakthrough role was in one of the UK’s most valuable contributions to pop culture.
Harry Potter
Freddie Stroma's first major big-screen credit was as Cormac McLaggen, a member of Gryffindor house who subbed in for Ron during a Quidditch match after he was poisoned by Draco in "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince." He also escorts Hermione to one of Professor Slughorn's exclusive club meetings for specially selected students.
Pitch Perfect
Stroma plays the college radio DJ who hires Beca (Anna Kendrick) to organize CDs at the station. He's a bit of a foil for Beca's love interest Jesse (Skylar Astin), and he has no problem showing off his chiseled abs when it's suggested that he should ease up on eating cheeseburgers.
Game of Thrones
When Dickon Tarley debuted in the series, he was played by Freddie Stroma for only a single episode of a five-episode arc. Unfortunately, Stroma had a conflicting engagement on ABC's short-lived series "Time After Time," and Tom Hopper had to step in to fill the role.
Over at Netflix, Stroma can be spotted using his good looks to his advantage in the period romance series "Bridgerton." Stroma played Prince Friedrich, the Prince of Prussia who has come to London seeking a wife when he should be looking for a new haircut.