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Why David Spade Thinks They Should Have 'Pulled The Plug' On Chris Farley's Black Sheep
“Black Sheep” was intended as a slapstick comedy, firmly in the wheelhouse of both David Spade and the freshly-hot commodity Chris Farley. Producer Lorne Michaels and screenwriter Fred Wolf were teaming up again with Spade and Farley after the success of “Tommy Boy,” and this time they even got “Wayne’s World” director Penelope Spheeris onboard.
All the right comedic ingredients were in place, but Spade told Uproxx that “trouble started right away” when they got Spheeris onboard. Spheeris and Wolf didn’t get along creatively, and according to Tom Farley's “The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts,” Wolf was fired three times and eventually banned from the set.
Spade told Uproxx, “Penelope told us right off the bat that she didn't love 'Tommy Boy' and that she knew how to make Chris and me funny. That's where someone should have pulled the plug. Then she ripped forty pages out of our script and said she would fix them with her writer. Fred and she had a few bad meetings and he was essentially kicked off the project from then on.”