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Why Cary Grant Had To Wear His Own Suits In Movies
Cary Grant’s classic, immaculately tailored style has influenced swaths of fashion-forward film lovers, but it also informed the style of the characters he played. Grant often supplied his own wardrobe for his films, and even wrote a comprehensive style guide for GQ magazine in 1967.
"In the movies, all men paid for their own wardrobes," Grant told GQ in 1986. "So, of course, I would have to wear my own suits." Depending on the film, and the character, Grant would purchase multiple versions of the same suit — "and a dozen ties, depending upon the scene."
Grant's contribution to the costume department didn't always begin and end with his wardrobe. He would also advise his female leads on their own styling, especially since they bought clothes that went “beyond their means” and “cost the studio too much” which affected Grant because he often had a financial stake in his own films.