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Why Bob Odenkirk Saw Saul Goodman As An 'Action Hero'
Bob Odenkirk’s portrayal of Saul Goodman on “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul” has defined his career, so his performance in the action film “Nobody” felt like a complete 180 to many viewers. However, Odenkirk drew on Saul a lot for his performance in the action film.
In an interview with GQ, Odenkirk was asked how he sold the idea of someone like him starring in an intense, highly choreographed action film like "Nobody,” and he said, “I was expecting to get shot down by everyone I know. The first person I call is my manager, Marc Provissiero. And Marc says, 'You're right, Bob. You might be able to do an action movie.' The character of Saul Goodman is indefatigable. He has a lot of heart."
Odenkirk said of Saul, "He gets knocked down over and over, he never quits coming back, and he's not above doing something devious. In a lot of ways, that's an action hero — except he doesn't fight." "Nobody" is an excellent example of how actors can reach into performances from their past and channel them into something new and fresh.