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Why Better Call Saul Showed So Little Of Bob Odenkirk As Saul Goodman
Contrary to its title, “Better Call Saul” didn't feature the sleazy, hilarious criminal lawyer from “Breaking Bad” much, as it was much more interested in the man behind the name, James Morgan McGill. A few flashbacks of Saul Goodman were all fans got of the character they knew from “Breaking Bad,” but here’s why the show's writers gravitated toward Jimmy McGill instead.
Jimmy has conflicting desires of wanting to go legitimate, but his being unable to change the parts in himself to get there makes him such a compelling character to work with compared to the three modes of Saul Goodman — greed, self-preservation, and being a smart-ass. Saul has also developed no attachments since his relationship with Kim Wexler failed.
In an interview with Empire Magazine for its February 2023 issue, Odenkirk was asked if he was “surprised” by how little Saul there was in “Better Call Saul.” He said, “Oh, that was a perfect amount for me. There's not a lot to Saul. Saul is actually one of the easiest iterations of the character to play. Life is kind of simple for him.”
Speaking to creator Vince Gilligan, the Empire interviewer postulated that the writers “fell in love with Jimmy” and “didn't want to spend any more time with Saul Goodman than was absolutely necessary.” Gilligan agreed with the sentiment, adding, “We could maybe have had a season of just Saul Goodman. But there are so many sh*theels in the world right now, succeeding and excelling and taking up all our attention.”