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Why Animal Man Is The Next DC Superhero Who Deserves A Movie
Some issues in the DC Universe can be attributed to Warner Bros. and Discovery's merger, while others have existed for years. DC seems to be driving without much of a roadmap, compared to Marvel, however, this allows them to introduce some fun meta characters without breaking the DCU canon.
One of those characters could be, Buddy Barker (Animal Man), a character created by Dave Wood and Carmine Infantino, who appeared in 1965 in Strange Adventures #180. As his name suggests, Buddy can borrow abilities from animals, a power he gained from a crashed spaceship in typical comic book fashion — despite the goofy origin, he’s quite interesting.
Buddy is also fairly unique in his struggle to juggle his home life, career, and superheroics, which would make him not only relatable but give a very different perspective from what viewers are used to seeing. As an added benefit to being meta, audiences could be educated on real-world animal rights issues through the commitment he displays in his continued fight to protect all animals.