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Who Is Admiral Yularen And Why Is His Appearance On Andor A Big Deal?
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "Andor" Episode VII – "Announcement."
Wullf Yularen was an officer in the Republic Navy, but Palpatine personally coaxed him back into the military during the “Clone Wars,” granting him the rank of Admiral. However, it is his personal mission to root out spies working in his ranks that he displayed in "Star Wars Rebels," which could lead to major ramifications now that his character has joined "Andor."
With such an important Imperial officer now on the show, this opens a couple of possibilities. Yularen may begin investigating Mon Mothma or his arrival could lead to the addition of fan-favorite, and Yularen's protege, Agent Kallus himself.
There are three characters we know to have been Fulcrum agents for the Rebellion: Cassian Andor, Ashoka Tano, and Agent Kallus. Kallus is the only one who hasn’t appeared in live-action form and Yularen’s cameo opens a perfect window of opportunity.