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When And How Did Darth Vader Learn That Luke Was
His Son?
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Darth Vader remains one of the greatest villains in history a full 45 years removed from his debut in "Star Wars: A New Hope." Initially a brooding villain for the ages, he would later be revealed to be a deeply complex figure.
After Disney acquired Marvel Comics, they began publishing "Star Wars" comics again in 2015. One of the key books in the series was "Darth Vader," and it would be in issue #6 where we got to see Vader learn the truth.
It is well worth remembering that, as far as Vader knew at the end of "Revenge of the Sith," he had killed Padme, and his child did not survive. In this issue, Boba Fett is sent on a mission by Vader to find out more about the Rebel pilot who destroyed the Death Star and only returns with one name: Skywalker.
This sends Vader into a rage, and with his fist clenched, he says, "I have a son." This revelation, however, doesn’t occur until after "A New Hope," so we won't see it on screen — at least not in the "Obi-Wan Kenobi" series, which takes place 10 years before the destruction of the Death Star.