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What's Going On With Dark Side Of The Ring? Jason Eisener Clears It Up
The docuseries “Dark Side of the Ring” took viewers into the world of professional wrestling and examined the countless tragedies and controversies surrounding it. Though the series produced three seasons, Vice has yet to offer either a renewal or cancellation notice, leaving fans to wonder about the show’s future.
It’s been known for a while that Jason Eisener, director and co-creator of “Dark Side of the Ring,” and his crew were teaming up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a new series called “Tales from the Territories.” The director said, “It’s close to ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ in terms of, it’s got the reenactments, but we changed it up.”
Eisener continued, “Instead of it being just one-on-one interviews, it’s a round table with all the wrestlers, and so they’re telling each other stories, and you just get that awesome comradery between them, and they’ll remind each other the crazy details of it.” But this new series doesn’t mean the end of “Dark Side,” with Eisener adding, “‘Dark Side’ is not over. We’ve got plenty of time to continue to [with] that.”