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What We Can Expect If The Midnight Club Gets A Season 2
Inspired by Christopher Pike’s novel of the same name, “The Midnight Club” sees a group of terminally ill teenagers living at a hospice facility who meet at midnight to share ghost stories that become terrifyingly real. Although the show had a mixed reception, creator Mike Flanagan talked about a potential second season and how “The Midnight Club” differs from his usual work.
Flanagan explained, “This is the first time we’ve ever designed anything to be ongoing, and it’s strange, it’s a whole new vibe because you want the season to wrap up and be satisfying, but you need to leave enough on the field that people might want to come back.” Season 1 ended with an intentional cliffhanger, but the show poses a unique challenge.
“If season 2 includes any time jump, we might have seen the last of some of our favorite characters,” said Flanagan, who shared that they wouldn’t place the story too far in the future if the show returns for another season. With death being a central element, Flanagan explained that “there will have to be a new cast” as the other members of the club begin to leave.