AUSTIN, TEXAS - MAY 28: John Krasinski speaks onstage at the Austin screening of 'A Quiet Place Part II'  at the The Paramount Theater on May 28, 2021 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Rick Kern/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)
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What the Monsters in
A Quiet Place Originally Looked Like
The sound-hunting monsters in “A Quiet Place” introduced audiences to grotesque, hunched-over beings that have nearly wiped out humanity. However, director, writer, and actor, John Krasinski explained to Collider during an interview that the monsters had a different design for most of the production.
While Krasinski didn’t go into full detail about the reasoning behind the change, the original design appears to be a larger devilishly-horned beast. The size may have played a role in the decision or perhaps the giant horns didn't really fit with the movie's more stripped-down style.
These noise-sensitive monsters may not have an overly unique design, but their aesthetic plays into the theme of the film. Though the original depiction may have worked, the audience might have felt the creature belonged to another franchise, like “Dungeons & Dragons.”