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What Picard’s Season 3 Finale Credit Scene Could Mean For Star Trek’s Future
The third season finale of “Star Trek: Picard” ended the series with plenty of callbacks to “Next Generation.” These callbacks carried over into its surprising mid-credits scene.
The trickster-god Q made an appearance in the midst of “Picard’s” credits standing next to Jack Crusher, an odd occurrence since he was thought to have been killed in Season 2.
Since Q is an omnipotent god, death does not apply to him as it does to most of the Star Trek cast. Despite giving Jean-Luc a sentimental farewell, he is not down and out.
Q has been perpetually putting humanity “on trial” for their violent nature since “Next Generation,” and in the credits scene, he informs Jack that the trial now falls to him.
This scene may be a teaser for a future “Star Trek” project, possibly the series Terry Matalas has discussed wanting to make: "Star Trek: Legacy."
Though reusing the plotline of Q testing a Picard on humanity’s worth may seem like a cheap tactic or a rehashing of “The Next Generation,” it makes sense given Q’s nature.