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What If Dwayne Johnson Played Shazam Instead Of Black Adam?
Inner Child
Black Adam is a dark character fueled by anger and is categorized as an anti-hero because he lacks a moral code. In stark contrast, Shazam embraces the lighthearted joys of being a kid with superpowers and fits into the more traditional hero mold.
The Rock Vs Chuck
Dwayne Johnson is better suited to play Black Adam because his massive physical stature makes the character more menacing. Shazam actor Zachery Levi might as well have been born to be Billy Batson, which he proved when he played a lovable geek in the movie “Chuck.”
The Rock As Shazam
Johnson is one of the nicest actors in Hollywood and he would’ve done just fine had he wound up playing Shazam. But Shazam isn’t supposed to make everyone feel small, so DC would’ve needed to find some pretty big guys to pit against Johnson’s version of the character.