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What Ahsoka's White Lightsaber Really Means In Star Wars
Lightsabers are an iconic symbol of Star Wars’ longstanding franchise, some of which are also backed by incredibly interesting lore. Even though Ahsoka Tano is a fairly new addition to the franchise, her transition from the green and blue lightsabers of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" to the brilliant dual white blades is just as symbolic as it is cosmetic.
Ashoka’s journey to the white lightsaber began after her initial weapons — the green variation — were confiscated during the "Wrong Jedi" arc in "The Clone Wars.” After declining to return to the Order after her expulsion is rescinded, Ahsoka does a lot of soul-searching and builds a new set of lightsabers before her reintroduction in "Rebels."
Ashoka's search for a suitable kyber crystal initially takes her to the planet Ilum, where many Jedi harvest the crystals, which are a naturally-occurring mineral that powers all lightsabers. She’s eventually called to a remote moon in the Outer Rim where she defeats the Sixth Brother, cleansing the crystals of the dark side and turning them pure white during the process.
According to "Star Wars: Rebels" showrunner Dave Filoni (who created the character back in 2008), white is a clear marker for Ahsoka's neutrality moving forward. White would continue to inform Ahsoka's characterization throughout her time on "Rebels," as a symbol of purity, as she matured into the embodiment of all that a Force-wielder should be.