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Westworld And The Nevers Are Being Pulled From HBO Max
As Warner Bros. Discovery readies itself for the HBO and Discovery+ streaming merger, the company is once again pulling shows from HBO Max, with the latest titles being two original series, “Westworld” and “The Nevers.” According to Deadline, the company may be moving these series to another platform like a FAST (Free Ad-supported Streaming TV) channel in the future.
This announcement also serves as the official cancellation of “The Nevers” before the second half of its first season eventually airs on whichever platform becomes its home. “Westworld” was also canceled ahead of its fifth and final season, but unlike “The Nevers,” the sci-fi Western won’t have a chance to give fans a proper conclusion to the series.
For some, “The Nevers” may have already been tainted due to the controversy surrounding its creator Joss Whedon before he departed the show, effectively hurting the series, but this offers little explanation as to the “Westworld” cancellation. Other streaming platforms like Netflix have also recently removed original content from their services, which may indicate a new trend.