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Wearing A Harry Potter Witch's Wardrobe Wasn't Fun For Maggie Smith
Distinguished actress Dame Maggie Smith has played many roles during her illustrious career, but her portrayal of Professor McGonagall in the “Harry Potter” franchise catapulted her into international stardom. Although filming the beloved franchise had many great moments, Smith revealed that wearing the heavy witch’s hats was the low point for her.
While Smith seemed not to mind wearing the witchy robes, the pointy hats were heavy and uncomfortable. Smith explained the experience by saying, “I used to find the most exhausting thing was wearing those hats. They're the heaviest things in the world. I had a hat, it was like the Albert Hall, it was huge and so heavy.”
She stated that wearing the hat on set for an extended number of days made it her most "tormented role." However, Smith wasn’t alone in complaining about the hats as she revealed actress Miriam Margoyles (Pomona Sprout) and others also had difficulty with the wardrobe, adding, “You're not alone when you moan,” referencing the other actors' sentiments between scenes.