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About That Hilariously Disgusting The Boys Season
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There's always something fun about watching a director/producer make an unexpected cameo in their own movie or TV show. Moreover, the best sort of cameo is where the celebrity plays a role that should presumably be a little beneath them — a role where dignity is not required.
This is definitely the case in the latest episode of "The Boys," where Seth Rogen shows up to play ... a guy with a disturbing user name, pleasuring himself on a webcam. This occurs during a cam girl session with Crimson Countess, who presumably lost her job at Voughtland after she accidentally killed a Homelander mascot and needs alternate income.
This isn't Rogen's first appearance in "The Boys." He also pops up in Season 1 in an interview hyping up Black Noir's solo film in the Vought Cinematic Universe, "Black Noir: Insurrection," and again in the Season 2 premiere to pay tribute to the late Translucent. The reason behind Rogen's repeated appearances is that he's an executive producer on "The Boys."
Throughout the 2000’s and early 2010’s, Rogen was trying to get “The Boys” adapted into a movie, to no avail. It would be many years until Amazon picked it up as a TV series, and now it seems we can expect at least one Rogen cameo per season.