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Warwick Davis Never Thought He Would Reprise His Star Wars Role
Warwick Davis has played 15 different characters in the “Star Wars” franchise, beginning with Wicket in 1983’s “Return of the Jedi.” The actor has been featured as various droids and aliens over the years, including Watto’s companion, Weazel, in “The Phantom Menace,” a character that Davis thought would never be seen again in the franchise after his single outing.
Although Davis was initially meant to play a new unnamed character in Enfys Nest's gang for "Solo: A Star Wars Story," the actor instead reprised his role as Weazel. Davis shared that the crew had many different ideas for his character, but "someone picked out a picture of Weazel and said he looked kind of cool. The look then kind of dictated itself based on an older version of the character."
Davis would have been the appropriate age as the character, and the actor began filling in the gaps in Weazel's life since he was last seen. He shared, "I thought it was perfect, and then I started to think about what his journey could have been between those two points. He went from a gambler to a freedom fighter, trying to help Enfys make a difference. It all made sense."