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Vadic’s Death Almost Broke The Budget Of Star Trek: Picard
Vadic was the primary antagonist in the third season of “Star Trek: Picard,” but in the eighth episode, she met her demise in a scene that was very expensive to shoot.
Vadic was blown into space thanks to the heroes opening a hidden airlock aboard the Titan, and she froze solid before her body shattered against the Shrike.
Showrunner Terry Matalas didn’t think the scene would be possible, stating, “It felt prohibitively expensive. But we have a brilliant team that was able to do it.”
Matalas added, “In the episode, [there are] not a lot of space battles or anything, so maybe you could save your pennies to make it work? So, that's what we did.”
Budget issues aside, Matalas also wanted Vadic’s death to raise a few eyebrows, and killing the big boss two episodes before the series finale, should do just that.