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Underrated Crime Shows That You Can Binge Right Now
"Impeachment: American Crime Story" couldn't get the kind of viewership and critical success the previous two seasons did, but it's still considerably more delicate than most ripped-from-the-headlines miniseries. It has intrigue, romance, and disheartening political foresight; plus, Sarah Paulson and Beanie Feldstein are fantastic in the series.
The Killing
Despite its troubled history, "The Killing" remains one of the finest police procedurals in years and comes close to capturing the charm of David Lynch's "Twin Peaks." It's moody, gothic, aggressively patient, and eminently watchable and allows audiences to simmer in the tragedy and death, rendering it more affecting — more heartrending — than most.
"Gaslit" follows Martha Mitchell — wife to Nixon's loyal Attorney General John Mitchell — and her role in bringing the Watergate scandal to public attention. It's tragic, fiercely funny at times, and a worthwhile time capsule of American politics; Julia Roberts excels in a searing portrait of a troubled woman.
The Outsider
"The Outsider" is a slow, methodical descent into full-bore horror that takes its sweet time churning out simmering nightmare after simmering nightmare. It starts as an unassuming murder procedural but soon becomes anything but that; it's a shame HBO never picked the show up for a second season.
Sharp Objects
Arguably one of the darkest television shows ever, "Sharp Objects" starts in the thematic muck and only digs itself deeper as it progresses, ending with one of the most shocking final lines in history. While the central mystery often takes a backseat to character development, it remains one of the most gripping, traumatizing tales of female violence ever conceived.