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Underrated '90s Movies That You Need to See
I Stand Alone
The 1990s was a decade rich in cinematic quality, which includes "I Stand Alone," about a man known only as the Butcher, who drifts through life until a brutal argument leaves his partner beaten and their unborn child likely dead. With his life in tatters, the Butcher roams the streets looking for work in Gaspar Noe's compelling vision of angst and misery.
Clean, Shaven
This film experiments with the medium to depict the terrible (un)realities of schizophrenia that dogs Peter, a young man caught in neuroticism, paranoia, and psychosis. Director Lodge Kerrigan uses a range of audiovisual tics and quirks, such as buzzing, voices, and screams, to depict Peter's condition in this first-person feature with the most unreliable narrators.
Nil by mouth
"Nil by Mouth" looks at addiction and ferocious anger in South East London's streets and council estates, focusing on Ray, a violent alcoholic, and Val, his long-suffering wife. Anger on screen has never been depicted like this before, and the worst thing about Ray's behavior is that it has happened before and will happen again.
"Croupier” is a cool after-hours ambiance noirish story of London’s nightscape of alleys, car parks, and the basement flat of Jack Manfred. He takes a job at the Golden Lion casino to lift a financial burden, and soon a heist plot unravels in a film with an offbeat and immersive sense of place, character, and mood.
A Shock...
In "A Shock to the System,” Graham Marshall is an advertising executive passed over for a promotion, who decides there will be no more compromises.  If someone gets in his way, Graham will kill them, creating deaths to look like accidents in this film filled with gallows humor and satirical observations about career, money, and suburban life.