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Travolta Was Offered Pulp Fiction After Helping Tarantino Live Out His Fantasy
It makes sense that a movie aficionado who becomes a big-time director would find himself fanboying over some of the huge actors he's worked with, and that’s exactly what Quentin Tarantino did with John Travolta. The actor would go on to star in "Pulp Fiction," but he wasn't offered the iconic role until he fulfilled a very strange request from the director.
"All [Tarantino] wanted to do was spend the evening playing board games of my old movies," Travolta said, adding, "For instance, we played the 'Grease' board game [...] He just had this fantasy of being with his favorite actor and playing the board games from that actor's movies.” The anecdote is certainly bizarre, but it's not surprising when it comes to Tarantino.
That wasn't all Tarantino asked of him, as Travolta recalled, "He said, 'If you could possibly become one of those characters out of nowhere, just say a line from 'Grease,' 'Saturday Night Fever' or 'Kotter,' that would make him happy,' so I would do that." It’s this offbeat passion that fuels Tarantino's work, and it shows in the quality of his films.