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Titanic's Alternate Ending Could've Been A Huge Misfire In Movie History
 Before "Titanic" debuted and changed the cinematic landscape forever, James Cameron shot a completely different ending that would have tanked the film's success. First included in the 10th anniversary DVD release, and now uploaded to YouTube, the "Titanic" alternate ending comes off as absurd.
After Old Rose tells her story, she walks toward the edge of the research vessel, only for Brock and her granddaughter Lizzy to run toward her but then stop when Rose commands, "I'll drop it." She then dangles the Heart of the Ocean necklace over the railing, delivering a painfully sentimental monologue, after which Brock asks if he can hold the necklace in his hand before Rose throws it overboard.
Rose obliges, and Brock completely loses it: He throws his head back in laughter, points and laughs in researcher Lewis' face, and then randomly asks Lizzy if she'd like to dance in some weird callback to Jack and Rose's story. Rose looks on like a proud grandma when Brock and Lizzy start dancing (to no music) before looking up toward the sky and seeing a shooting star.
Every decision made in the alternate ending is the wrong one, with the lunatic laughter of Bill Paxton’s Brock serving as the cherry on top of this "bad choices" sundae. Whoever made the call not to use this ending deserved a handsome bonus, and hopefully, Cameron rewatches this scene from time to time to keep himself humble.