Actors Timothy Olyphant (L) and Walton Goggins attend the season 5 premiere screening of FX's "Justified"
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Timothy Olyphant Twisted Walton Goggins’ Arm To Get Him As Boyd In Justified
Walton Goggins did a fantastic job playing Boyd Crowder on “Justified,” but initially did not want the role out of fear that the character would reinforce Southern stereotypes.
When “Justified” was casting the role, Timothy Olyphant told other crew members, “We really need to get [Goggins] to play Boyd. He'll bring something special to it.”
Luckily, the two actors were long-term acquaintances, and Olyphant managed to convince Goggins to take the role, despite his inhibitions.
Boyd is a bank robber and white supremacist based in Kentucky, and Goggins worried his actions would confirm stereotyped ideas against Southerners.
Despite Boyd’s often despicable actions, Goggins made the character likable and avoided turning him into a boring Southern stereotype.
Olyphant did not regret his decision to recommend Goggins for the role, as he later stated of the actor, “He makes everybody better just by being around him.”