American actor Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard, in a scene from Ridley Scott's futuristic thriller 'Blade Runner', 1982. (Photo by Warner Bros./Archive Photos/Getty Images)
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Time Hasn’t Made Harrison Ford Any Fonder Of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner
While 1982’s “Blade Runner” has become a classic sci-fi movie with a cult following and a 2017 sequel, the movie’s star, Harrison Ford, hasn’t held back when it comes to critiquing the movie. Despite its present success, “Blade Runner” was plagued with internal difficulties and rushed final touches, and Ford has been very vocal about the film’s shortcomings.
As recently as 2021, Ford reiterated his true thoughts concerning the movie, noting that in the infamous voiceover, his character “sounds drugged,” the editing produced a “choppy opening,” and “Dekker at the piano is interminable. Flashback dialogue is confusing… Up to Zhora’s death, the movie is deadly dull. This movie gets worse every screening.”
While these are strong comments, Ford does have love for the movie and his role as Rick Deckard, and while filming the sequel, director Denis Villeneuve could feel Ford’s “passion.” The critiques seem more an effort to highlight the difficulties faced by editors, and the irony in how a movie that was initially critically derided can go on to become a celebrated classic.