CANADA - MAY 18:  Annie times two: Over 30 Little Orphan Annie look-alikes paraded before an audience and judges last night at the Eaton Centre; but only one; Jacinda Cuthebertson; 7; (centre) was selected Official Little Orphan Annie Look-Alike Winner. The movie version of Annie premieres in Toronto tomorrow.   (Photo by Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
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Tim Curry And Carol Burnett Filmed A Million-Dollar Annie Scene That Didn't Make The Cut
From the comic strip to the Broadway musical to the 1982 film, little orphan Annie has been a part of popular culture for over 137 years. Perhaps buoyed by the popularity of the comic and musical, 1982’s “Annie” had a massive $35 million budget, and while the film was a huge box office success, their budget didn’t need to be quite so high.
Over one million dollars of the film’s budget was dedicated to the “Easy Street” musical number which originally only focused on the three villains. However, as Carol Burnett, who played Miss Hannigan, recalls “This being Hollywood, they wanted to open it up and make it this huge musical extravaganza, and we went out on the street itself and danced and sang […]”
Burnett knew the musical number was all wrong, saying, “That had nothing to do with the fact that we’re going to be on Easy Street […] the plot went out of the window. It was total overkill.” Thus, she was happy when she got the call to reshoot the scene without all the Hollywood excess, saying “That was terrific news […] It was so much better with just the three villains.”