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Ti West Says MaXXXine Will Be 'Different From X’ And 'Nothing Like Pearl'
With how dramatically different in historical setting and tone Ti West's “X” and its sequel “Pearl” are from each other, there's really no limit to where the writer-director could take his next entry, “MaXXXine.” In an interview for the March 2023 edition of Total Film, West gave fans new insight into how “MaXXXine” will compare to its predecessors.
As the continuation of Maxine's story, fans would assume the third film will have more in common with “X” than “Pearl”; however, West said, “It will be as different from 'X' as 'Pearl' is from 'X,' but it will be nothing like 'Pearl.'” West also drew a greater distinction between “Pearl” and “MaXXXine,” hopefully indicating it will connect to "X" and satisfyingly conclude its storyline.
West’s strategy is inspired by the '80s slasher franchises, as he told Total Film, “I’m trying to build a world out of all this, like people do these days. You can't make a slasher movie without a bunch of sequels.” If West is committed to world-building, he's certainly left clues for what will be paid off in the trilogy's conclusion.