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This Terrifier 2 Scene Was Too Brutal To Film
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for
"Terrifier 2."
Earlier in the fall of 2022, the sequel to director Damien Leone's 2016 splatter flick received not only positive reviews but great word-of-mouth buzz that took Art the Clown from a genre curiosity to a full-blown pantomime slasher superstar. “Terrifier 2” is also filled with many jaw-dropping scenes, but there was one in particular that was too brutal to even film.
Right before Art chases Sienna through the Terrifier haunted house, he has to dispense with those responsible for her ride to the abandoned establishment — he just can’t help himself. In a sneak attack, Art stabs Jeff in his nether regions multiple times, and audiences get a harrowing close-up of the blade making contact, too.
In an interview with Variety, Leone mentioned how the already brutal dismemberment could have been much worse. "We had conversations of things [Art] could do once he took the guy's penis off. We explored those and joked about it, but then we said, 'No, that's way too far. That's too distasteful,'" said Leone.