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This Is Why Black Adam's Flight Looks Different From Other Superhero Movies
The Rock's star power, that mid-credits tease, and seeing Pierce Brosnan trade quips in a comic book-inspired world will undoubtedly draw audiences to "Black Adam." However, one wholly unique filmmaking technique might go unnoticed: the technique used to create Black Adam’s flying effects.
In a recent interview, The Rock revealed an insight into how director Jaume Collet-Serra shook things up a bit from previous superhero movies when it comes to capturing flight: "One of the issues that we all had, specifically Jaume, was that with flying, they're all on cables and wires. So, there's this unique tilt that sometimes happens that really bugged him."
According to The Rock, this new effect was achieved by creating a new machine and placing him in front of highly advanced LED lights where he could fly through the city while lying horizontally. To further avoid wire work, they also used a mechanical arm to lift him up during scenes in which he levitates.