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There's One Type Of Guest Star The Simpsons Has Never Been Able To Land
In its 33 seasons, “The Simpsons” have had plenty of famous people on as guest stars, but there is one group of people that they haven’t been able to cast – U.S. presidents. In a 2021 interview, executive producer Al Jean revealed that it wasn’t from a lack of trying.
Jean explained the show’s attempts so far stating, "We've tried pretty hard –– we got a nice rejection letter from Reagan when he was alive, and Bill Clinton considered it. But we finally gave up and used an actual recording of Theodore Roosevelt.” He added with a laugh, “He was a good president, so that was our default.
While “The Simpsons” haven’t been able to have actual presidents on, they have included the likeness of Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and Jimmy Carter as background gags and have had at least two president-centric episodes. An eighth-season episode was about the 1996 presidential election between Clinton and Bob Dole, while a seventh-season episode had George H.W. and Barbara Bush as characters.