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There Was No Back-Up Plan For Black Adam's Big Credits Scene
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for the "Black Adam" mid-credits scene.
“Black Adam” is finally in theaters after a 15-year-long waiting period, and the film’s mid-credits scene sets up a major conflict that’ll have dire ramifications on the entire DC universe. The mid-credits in question pits Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam against Henry Cavill’s Superman and hints at an epic showdown between the two sometime in the future.
In a recent interview with SlashFilm, "Black Adam" producer Hiram Garcia said that DC didn’t have a backup plan if Cavill wasn’t able to return as Superman. Johnson desperately wanted the cameo to happen, and Garcia said they needed Superman to return because “nothing had the same impact that we knew this ending would have.”
Garcia claimed “there was no other option” because he and the other “Black Adam” creators wanted Superman to appear in the film so badly, so they planned the scene until the last minute. He also stated that everyone involved in the film’s production knew setting the stage for a Black Adam v. Superman storyline would “make the fans really happy.”