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The Worst Things Starlight Has Done In The Boys
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for "The Boys."
Never Truly Vanish
During pervy Translucent’s funeral, Starlight says goodbye by performing her new hit single “Never Truly Vanish,” a hilariously corny send-up of emotionally manipulative power ballads. With glowing eyes and beams of light shooting from Starlight's raised palms, the song sends shivers down the spine despite its silliness.
Leaking Compound V
Starlight works with The Boys to leak news of the secret drug Compound V to the media, and unfortunately, it puts her in a dangerous position. Although the news causes a splash, it makes disappointingly few waves, and Starlight essentially risks her position in The Seven and her life for nothing.
Blowing Her Cover
Starlight uses her powers to save a woman from being raped by two men, but she doesn't realize her actions are being recorded on a bystander's cell phone. She learns after joining The Seven that Vought heroes only “save the day” in orchestrated busts to get publicity and she shouldn’t use her powers to actually help.
helping Kimiko
After Kimiko loses her powers in a battle with the newly unearthed Soldier Boy, she convinces a reluctant Starlight to get her a dose of Compound V to restore her powers. Although Kimiko's intentions are pure and her abilities are restored, Starlight continues a cycle of super-powered humans The Boys have vowed to disrupt.
Mixed Messages
When questioned by teens at the Believe Expo, Starlight lies and says she's a virgin, and doesn’t stop the pastor from telling another teen that it’s her responsibility to save her friend who practices a different religion. However, when Starlight gives her keynote speech, she comes clean with her audience, undermining the event speakers and Vought itself.