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The Voice Of Andor's B2EMO Droid Didn't Expect To Stay In The Show
Spoiler Warning!
This story contains spoilers for Season 1 of "Andor."
“Andor” has introduced some great new characters to the “Star Wars” franchise, with one of the best being the boxy B2EMO, who left fans heartbroken after seeing the droid mourn Maarva’s death in the show. In an interview, co-writer and creator Tony Gilroy, who revealed the droid was based on “an older dog,” shared more information about B2EMO and his electronic voice.
According to Gilroy, the team fell in love with creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlan’s creation based on his look alone, but it wasn’t the only reason this character was beloved. One of the BB-8 performers in the latest “Star Wars” trilogy, Dave Chapman, was chosen as the puppeteer to operate B2EMO and provided the voice until an actor could re-record the lines.
To Chapman’s surprise, however, Gilroy chose him as the actor. The creator explained, “I remember having a list of audition pieces and watching a bunch of them. My brother John was over there one day, and he goes, ‘I’m not hearing anything here I like as much as [Dave].’ He goes, ‘This guy’s really good.’ And we went back and were like, ‘Man, let’s just keep him.’”