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The Trait Captain Pike Shares With Another Beloved Star Trek Captain
Each "Star Trek" Captain has a different style of leadership and we see Captain Pike’s in the second episode of "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.” Captains tend to either be a bit more standoffish and reserved, or they like getting into the thick of it as is the case with Pike taking time to actually cook and have dinner with invited members of his crew.
It brings to mind another Starfleet officer who loved to cook: Captain Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks) of the space station Deep Space Nine. Both captains understand that dining can be an important communal experience, and the act of cooking allows them to give back to the very people who put their lives at risk for the mission and deepen their bond.
In a future where everything can be replicated, this added effort goes a long way to show how much they care. Both captains have reasons for feeling isolated as well, making this time important for them. Pike is cursed with the knowledge of his death and Sisko feels distance because Bajoran prophets made him their emissary, and neither man knows how to share that alienating knowledge.