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The Top 13 Anime Betrayals Of All Time, Ranked
13. Domas
Born deaf and unable to speak, Prince Bojji from “Ranking of Kings” is an innocent, good-natured hero who endured endless mockery growing up. This difficult background makes the betrayal of Domas, his sword-fighting instructor and only supporter, especially painful as Domas pushes the young prince into a pit designed to prove Bojji’s worth.
12. Rossiu
During the mid-series time-skip in “Gurren Lagann,” Rossiu Adai becomes Simon’s second-in-command, with the two characters often butting heads. Soon after, Rossiu places the blame for the rising Anti-Spiral on Simon, betraying him and using the opportunity to overthrow the hero and take his position.
11. Adachi
Mystery fans are rightfully suspicious of any character who is overly friendly or seemingly uninvolved in the plot, such as the bumbling assistant detective in “Persona 4,” Tohru Adachi. In a reveal that still hits hard, Adachi confesses to the crimes and switches his personality from a friendly cop to a psychopathic killer.
10. Rumi
After Mima Kirigoe’s collaborators start turning up dead in “Perfect Blue,” the idol-turned-actress begins to doubt her sanity as she sees visions of a sinister doppelganger and questions her role in the crimes. However, it’s revealed that her manager, Rumi, has a split personality, believing she’s the real Mima, and is the true culprit.
9. Seishiro
The kind veterinarian of “Tokyo Babylon,” Seishiro Sakurazuka, is revealed to be an assassin who made a deal with Subaru Sumeragi after the younger man discovered him disposing of a body. If Seishiro could come to love Subaru in a year, he would spare Subaru’s life — sadly, that doesn’t happen, and Seishiro discloses his true intentions.