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The Star Trek Role That Was Actually Written For Robin Williams
Robin Williams and the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” team were mutual fans of each other – Williams admitted he was a Trekkie and the “Next Generation” writers wanted the actor to appear in the fifth season. They even created a character for him to play named Berlinghoff Rasmussen.
In an episode called “A Matter of Time,” Rasmussen appeared to Picard and Co. in a time machine from the future to study the Enterprise during a rescue mission. The twist was that Rasmussen actually traveled to the future from the past to steal their technology, take it back to his time, and claim that he had invented it.
Rasmussen was characterized as a fast-talking, smiley con man, which would’ve fit perfectly with Williams’ comedy style. Unfortunately, Williams’ film “Hook” shooting schedule conflicted with when “Star Trek” needed him and the role was ultimately played by actor Matt Frewer of “Max Headroom” and “Doctor Doctor” fame.